About Us


our story

Kindred Yarn Co. was created out of a long-standing 4-H fiber project that became a life-long shared hobby between myself and my mom. With our small heard of Angora fiber goats and a pair of watchful llamas in Central Oregon, my mom continues to raise, process, and spin natural fibers right from her own animals. As an avid knitter based in Boise, Idaho, I fan the flames of my knitting obsession by looking for every opportunity to knit with my mom's handspun yarns. 


why handspun?

As knitters, we know that selecting the right yarn can make or break a knitting project. Great yarn makes great projects. Handspun yarn is the way to take your projects to the next level.

We created this site because we believe the character handspun yarns brings to each knitting project is irreplaceable. The learning curve is totally worth it! And that's why we want to help you take your knitting in a new direction - one that connects you back to a tradition of fiber arts.

So grab a cup of coffee, get settled in, and get to know your yarn.  

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